No food, no heat and no hope…but at least Corbyn’s not in charge!

Britain might be looking at a future with no food, no heat and no hope but it’s managing to soothe itself with the fact that at least Jeremy Corbyn’s not in charge.

With Britain’s supply chain thoroughly broken – and in the middle of a pandemic, no less – things are looking bleak.

That’s why many Brits have decided to ignore all the negatives and instead focus on the positives.

“This upcoming Christmas looks like it might be the shittest in my life. We’re not going to have any food or drink, it’s going to be freezing cold and we can’t even huddle for warmth because we’re supposed to stay two metres apart.

“Still though, I can only imagine what Britain would look like if Jeremy Corbyn was in charge. It might even be worse than this, somehow,” Peter Gammon of Hammersmith told us.

Many Brits have taken to repeating the mantra “At least Corbyn’s not in charge!” while they rock back and forth in the corners of their warmest rooms.

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