Personal best! Woman performs ten squats before being ogled in gym

A local woman reveals that she’s beaten her personal best by performing ten squats at the gym before noticing she was being ogled.

Siana Doherty, 25, credits her newfound success to using a lighter weight so that she could perform the squats more quickly and quietly than usual.

“I was really blasting them out thanks to my new technique. I got ten to ten reps, which is the most squats I’ve managed before men have started ogling me.

“They think they’re being subtle, standing ten feet behind me but they seem to be completely oblivious to the fact I have a mirror in front of me, so I can see them all being creepy bastards,” Siana told us.

Many of the male gym-goers have defended their sinister behaviour, with one in particular stating: “Where else am I going to see a woman’s bottom? It’s not like they’re plastered all over the internet or something.”

Despite the men, Siana still intends to attend her local gym where she’s hoping to be able to crank out more squats; however, she is well aware that she’ll never be able to use the Kegel machine in peace.

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