“Oven-ready Brexit” comes out cold after cooker runs out of gas

A dish of oven-ready Brexit has come out cold after the cooker it was in ran out of gas.

While the oven ready Brexit appeared to be cooked on the outside, the contents were still stone cold in the middle.

The cause of the uneven cooking appears to be the oven itself. It’s thought that the gas supply cut out just fifteen minutes into the forty minute recommended cooking time.

“When I went to get the pie out of the oven, the oven was still a little warm but nowhere near as hot as it should have been. I tried to turn it on again but it just wouldn’t come on. Then I got a message from my gas supplier saying that they’d run out,” said Lorraine Crust.

Mrs Crust was holding a dinner party with several other Brexit-loving friends. After she explained to them what had happened, they all agreed to eat the pie anyway.

“We can’t let anyone know we were wrong. We must eat all the Brexit pie to hide the evidence,” said Peter Hamface.

Slowly, the group managed to chew their way through the undercooked pie. Many of them are now recovering in hospital from food poisoning.

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