Chris Pratt confirms that he will play Mario in his normal voice

Actor Chris Pratt has confirmed that he will play the role of Mario in his normal voice, stating “Mario isn’t Italian anymore. He’s normal now.”

The star of “Parks & Rec” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” was considered a surprising choice to play Mario in the forthcoming “Super Mario Bros.” animated movie.

But Pratt doesn’t believe his casting should be thought of as a shock at all.

“Nintendo told me that they want to move away from Mario being Italian. He’s not Italian anymore. He’s normal now.

“I think this is a massive leap forward in the representation of normal people, a demographic that’s been incredibly neglected recently,” Pratt told us.

Ever the perfectionist though, Pratt says that he’s been working on his Mario voice for up to six hours a day to prepare for the role.

“It’s mainly just me talking to myself about how much I hate animals and the gays,” he admitted.