Token resolutely refuses to be funged

A token has made waves by resolutely refusing to be funged, it’s emerged.

Token #703471 believes that it should have the right to choose whether it’s funged or not, despite pressure to be funged.

“I don’t want to be funged and no one should be able to funge me if I don’t want to be funged. I’m adamant on the issue and I’m completely non-fungible,
” said the token.

Token #703471 is certainly not alone. More and more tokens have come out as non-fungible in recent years. While many are supportive of tokens’ rights to choose, some are critical of the whole movement.

“Being a non-fungible token is just the fashionable thing to be right now. When I was a child, we were all fungible and we all loved being funged. This non-fungible thing is just a trend and these young tokens will soon realise that,” said Token #4352.

Whether or not it is just a trend remains up for debate but, as Token #703471 says, “Whether or not I choose to be funged is no one’s business but my own.”

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