President Biden visited by the ghost of empires past

President Joe Biden has sensationally claimed that he was visited last night by the ghost of empires past.

After hearing a strange mumbling noise emanating from a nearby television, President Biden spotted the pale, shambling apparition.

“It was one of the most terrifying sights I’ve ever seen,” President Biden told the press. “The figure was whiter than white with a shocking mop of scruffy blond hair and it was wearing a suit that somehow looked too big and too small at the same time.

“I was going to call security when it spoke to me. It was hard to understand because it had a strange accent and stumbled over its words a lot. It said he was from an empire long dead and asked for my help.

“I asked the foul spirit what it wanted and it asked for a trade deal. I told it I couldn’t do that as America doesn’t negotiate with ghosts. Then I switched the TV off; it was already 7pm, way past my bedtime.”

President Biden’s security team has since had the monitor destroyed.

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