Social media bellend at it again

A man who acts like a complete bellend on social media is at it again, it’s emerged.

The man, who must remain nameless for legal reasons, has displayed a rich variety of bellendery on social media over the years and he isn’t stopping today.

Millions of people have had their timelines poisoned once again, even though most of them don’t follow him.

“I wouldn’t follow him in a million years but somehow enough people have liked and retweeted his latest odious opinion that it found its way onto my timeline,” said Angelica Roach, a unicyclist from Hull.

“Hey, it’s just my opinion. There’s nothing illegal about having an opinion,”
the man told us, seemingly unaware of hate speech laws.

Despite the fact this man is one of many bellends on social media, no one will ever leave. Instead they will continue to drink from the poisoned well as their brains slowly rot. In some cases, they will eventually become social media bellends themselves.

“It’s a classic case of the abused becoming the abuser,” said Dr Wuckfit of the Social Sciences Institute.

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