President Trump accused of encouraging illegal aliens to vote with latest tweet

President Donald Trump has been accused of trying to encourage illegal aliens to vote after sending out a tweet for his ‘Space Force’ to vote.

Trump is pulling out all the stops in a bid to erase his 14-point deficit in the polls against Joe Biden.

‘President Trump claims he doesn’t want illegal immigrants voting or Democrats voting multiple times. Yet, here he is, clearly encouraging aliens from outer-space to vote for him. That’s against the rules, surely?’ said one Trump critic.

But supporters of Trump say that the tweet has been taken out of context.

‘This is just like the time he tweeted ‘FUCK OFF MEXICANS!’ It’s taken entirely out of context. I don’t know what the context was but I know the president isn’t racist, he just tells it like it is,’ said one supporter.

President Trump himself has denied encouraging illegal aliens to swing the election in his favour and offered up the following tweet when asked to denounce them.

‘Space Force, stand back and stand by!’