Antifa nurse smashes President Trump over the head with a bedpan

A nurse who attacked President Trump by smashing him over the head with a bedpan is believed to be left-wing and possibly a member of Antifa.

President Trump, who is still resting up from his bout of COVID-19 in the Walter Reed Medical Center, was attacked in the early hours of the morning by an angry nurse.

The nurse, who has been identified as one Steven Austin, repeatedly smashed the president over the head with a bedpan.

Austin was stopped and apprehended by the Secret Service, who had earlier been exposed to Trump’s COVID-19 during a car ride, but not before he was able to get in at least half a dozen shots on the president.

‘We weren’t in a huge rush to stop him,’ admitted one of the president’s bodyguards.

The attack doesn’t appear to have caused any damage to President Trump. A precautionary brain scan on the president came back negative.

However, the bedpan did cover President Trump with urine, although he seemed strangely pleased about it.