Prince Andrew wins role in new Batman film as The Diddler

Prince Andrew has revealed that he is set to make his acting debut in the latest Batman film, where he will play a villain known as The Diddler.

The Diddler is a brand new character created specifically for the new Batman movie, which will see Batman take on a paedophile ring full of the rich and famous.

‘We wanted to take Batman in a new, more realistic direction. Batman will spend the first half of the movie fighting The Diddler, then forget all about him when a deadly virus is released over Gotham,’ the producer told us.

Despite a lack of acting experience, Prince Andrew was considered to be the perfect man for the role thanks to a wealth of experience in the world of diddling.

‘We expect Prince Andrew to hit the ground running,’
said the producer.

The Diddler is expected to have a number of sidekicks and underlings including Glitterful Gary, Roofie Harris, Savile The Savage and Maximum Clifford.

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