Ryanair to test world’s first pilotless plane in effort to save money

Budget airline Ryanair is set to become the first airline to test the new pilotless plane, the world’s first entirely automated plane.

The plan comes on the back of Ryanair blocking its pilots from going on strike.

‘From not paying the pilots enough to not having to pay pilots at all, it was a very logical step. We’d sling people over the sea by catapult if we could make it a touch safer,’ said CEO Michael O’Leary.

Customers won’t be told they’re taking a pilotless plane to reduce anxiety about the flight.

Meanwhile, pilots are furious over the plan, claiming that a computer just can’t do what a human can when it comes to flight.

‘This is just a scare tactic from Ryanair. All of us pilots know how much work we do up here in the cabin,‘ said Pilot Phil Otterman, talking to us while autopilot was flying his plane.