Sheep choose herd immunity approach against wolf attacks

Sheep have announced that they will continue with their herd immunity approach to wolf attacks despite another thousand sheep being killed by wolves yesterday.

Rather than staying in an area without wolves or defending themselves in any manner, sheep will continue with the tried and tested herd immunity approach.

‘We feel like we’re really close to achieving herd immunity. This is definitely the best option,’ said one of the last sheep left.

While the other sheep told us: ‘Wolf attacks are fake news. I don’t know anyone who’s been eaten by a wolf apart from Shaun, Buttercup, Fluffykins, Dolly, Q-Tip, Fleece Witherspoon, Ewegene and Prince Wooliam. The only sheep who believe in wolf attacks are a bunch of sheep.’

The herd immunity approach has been been widely complimented, mostly among the wolf community.

‘It’s worked out great for us,’ said one very fat wolf.

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