TJ Maxx unveils new TJ Most stores for customers who want a little less TJ

TJ Maxx has unveiled a new line of stores called TJ Most for costumers who want slightly less than the maximum amount of TJ in their lives.

While TJ Maxx and its range of budget-conscious goods are proving to be ever popular with consumers, many potential customers are put off by the level of TJ in some stores.

‘I like TJ Maxx but it’s a little much at times. I just wish they’d tone down the TJ a little,’
someone without a life tweeted.

And TJ Maxx has listened to this complaint, as well as dozens more. They will now open 100 new stores across the world under the TJ Most brand.

‘TJ Most will have most of the TJ that our customers have come to expect from us without going as over-the-top as TJ Maxx does. We believe this will have a positive impact on our sales,’ said a spokesperson for the brand.

The stock market seems to agree as the TJ Maxx share price has spiked by 6.9%, which one expert has described as ‘nice’.