Woman filming gig can’t wait to never watch it

A woman filming a gig on her phone can’t wait to upload it to social media and then never watch it, it’s emerged.

Sally Orr, 24, has waited months to see one of her favourite bands perform live. Despite the outrageous ticket price and the fact the band is right in front of her eyes, she is watching most of the gig through her phone, while she records it.

The recording will allow Sally to prove she was at the gig. It will also immortalise the gig in a series of clips on social media that she will never watch.

“I’m going to watch this tomorrow night,” she lied to herself.

Anyone who does watch the clips will be treated to the shakiest camera work in history and the most awful sound distortion ever heard.

While recording the gig may seem utterly futile, it is at least royally pissing off the people behind Sally who can’t see the stage because her phone is continually bobbing in the way.

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