July 21st – On This Day in History

356 BC: The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus is set on fire by Herostratus. The act causes him to lose his hero status, meaning he has to be known as just R.

1403 AD: King Henry IV invents a medical technique that delivers fluids, medications and nutrition directly into a patient’s veins. He names it after himself – IV.

1620: Birth of Jean Picard, a French astronomer and the finest captain in Star Trek history.

1969: Lance Armstrong becomes the first man to cycle on the moon thanks to drugs.

1983: A temperature of -89.2 °C is recorded at Vostok Station in Antarctica. This is the lowest temperature ever recorded outside of Scotland.

2002: WorldCom files for bankruptcy, marking the biggest bankruptcy in the U.S. until the entire country declared moral bankruptcy in 2016.

2007: The final Harry Potter book is released. “Harry Potter and the Scary Man-Ladies” fails to live up to the previous six books and is often considered non-canon by fans of the series.

2016: A vegan talking with a pregnant woman uses the entire global supply of words for the day. The rest of the world is forced to remain silent.

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