Jeff Bezos returns from space in a hurry after aliens unionise

Jeff Bezos has returned from space in a hurry after all the aliens decided to unionise, it’s emerged.

The Amazon founder was only in space for a few minutes before the aliens decided to send Bezos a strong message which was broadcast live.

“We don’t want you here. You’ll just hoard all the resources to yourself, plus the many suns will beam off your shiny head and blind us.

“All of us space beings have come together to form a union. Together we are strong. You must return to your own planet, Bezos,” the message said.

Bezos went as white as a sheet at the prospect of a union and quickly switched the Blue Origin rocket into reverse.

It’s thought that the prospect of an alien union will also deter other billionaires from space travel in the future.

“What’s the point if we can’t find new planets to conquer and beings to use like slaves?” tweeted Elon Musk.

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