Earth quickly passes atmosphere re-entry tax for money-hoarding c*nts

The global government has quickly passed a re-entry tax for any billionaire who decides to leaves Earth’s atmosphere.

The bill was passed in just two minutes, roughly at the same time Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin rocket was launching into space, in what is being called “a massive coincidence”.

“The timing was a massive coincidence. We can’t be expected to keep up with absolutely everything that’s happening around the world,” said President Gil Bates, while repeatedly winking.

The global government are predominantly in charge of trying to mind-control mindless fuckwits, spying on people who don’t do anything of importance, and putting chips in people that barely leave their houses. However, they decided to get involved in this matter to improve their public image.

The atmosphere re-entry tax will only apply to astronauts who are considered to be “money-hoarding c*nts”, according to the bill.

If you want to know who specifically that refers to, just ask Alexa.

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