70-year-old sets target to no longer produce emissions by 2050

A local 70-year-old man has announced that he has set himself a target of no longer producing emissions by 2050.

Derek Vaughan, 70, is a keen climate activist and is doing everything he can to meet his target of reducing his emissions to zero by 2050.

“The planet is dying before our very eyes. The time for action isn’t now, but it’s soon. That’s why I’m pledging to end all of my emissions by 2050.

“That means I won’t be contributing to the climate crisis in roughly thirty years time,” the septuagenarian told us.

Derek believes his efforts will be a significant help to the cause as his diet, which consists mainly of beef and cheese, causes him to produce a lot of methane and other gases.

Politicians have praised Derek for his realistic goals, which are completely in line with global standards.

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