Boris Johnson certain his “Bob the Builder” speech will be more warmly received

Boris Johnson has told aides that he is certain that his “Bob the Builder” inspired speech will be more warmly received than the one in which he waffled on about “Peppa Pig” for five minutes.

Johnson, who is often compared to Winston Churchill (by himself), dropped a rare dud in during his speech yesterday. Not only did he talk about “Peppa Pig” for an inordinate amount of time, but he also lost his place.

But that won’t happen again, according to Johnson, as his latest speech is a tightly prepared number that compares a post-Brexit Britain to the can-do attitude of “Bob the Builder”.

“Brexit Britain! Can we fix it? Yes, we can! I’m going to wear a hard hat and everything. Trust me, it’ll be a smashing success,” Johnson told his aides.

The prime minister has been heavily inspired by children’s TV lately, something that many have put down to Wilfred Johnson – Boris’s one-year-old son.

But Carrie Johnson has revealed that Wilfred isn’t actually a big fan of watching TV.

“Wilfred prefers to read the news while his dad’s watching ‘Bob the Builder’, ‘Peppa Pig’ and ‘Doc McStuffins’. I think Boris thought that ‘Doc McStuffins’ was a decidedly more adult show when he first watched it. He was disappointed but it grew to be one of his favourites anyway,” said Carrie.

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