Adele cancels Las Vegas residency after better offer from Blackpool

Pop superstar Adele has sensationally cancelled her Las Vegas residency just days before it was due to start after she received a more lucrative offer from Blackpool.

While Adele originally claimed that she was merely postponing her Las Vegas residency, she has since admitted that she received a much better offer from the seaside town of Blackpool.

“If I’m being honest, this is what I wanted all along,” she told us. “I was kind of playing them off against each other. Las Vegas is nice but it’s a poor man’s Blackpool, I’ve always said that.

“You can take your glitz and glamour and throw them in the sea for all I care. What I really want is a donkey ride, some fish and chips and then a quick wade in a cesspool – the same as any other woman.”

Adele will reside in Blackpool for six months, after which she will receive a well-deserved award for bravery.

Her last-second change of heart has left Las Vegas with a gaping hole in its schedule. Upon hearing of a gaping hole, comedian Pete Davidson has quickly stepped forward to fill it.

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