April 8th - On This Day in History

1612: King Colin V of Brazil ceases to exist after an unfortunate mishap by a time traveller from the future.

1943: LSD is produced for the first time by Albert Hoffman. Scholars believe that all known reality since could be a result of Hoffman’s first trip.

The California town of Carmel votes for Clint Eastwood to become their mayor. Only some of them live to regret this decision after he shoots up the entire town.

1990: David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” premiers on ABC. No one has yet been available to decipher what the fuck was going on.

1998: Dave Gahan, the lead singer of Depeche Mode, declares that he’s finally got enough.

2004: Marilyn Monroe found dead. As she was found in a cemetery and had been dead for over forty years at this point, it didn’t really warrant much attention.

2013: Satan stands aside for Margaret Thatcher to assume her latest leadership role.

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