Covid-19 mutates into more modern Cobluray-19 format

Scientists have found that Covid-19 has made its first major mutation into a much more modern disease that they’re calling Cobluray-19.

Cobluray-19 differs from its predecessor in that it’s got a much higher definition, making it easier for scientists to see in their telescopes. It’s also capable of holding more genetic information in this new form.

‘This new mutation is much crisper and clearer, visually. This will likely prove to be a negative mutation for the virus as it’ll be much easier for us to spot now. Tests will become much more accurate,’ said Dr M Sony.

Covid-19 has been previously criticised by doctors for having tracking issues, something that isn’t a concern with Cobluray-19.

It all amounts to Cobluray-19 being the much more attractive disease.

‘Covid sufferers will just get left behind with their outdated disease. If you’re going to get a disease, get the more modern one; that’s what I say!’ said Isaac Green, a local hypochondriac.

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