Covid origins might never be known, says shifty-looking bat

The exact origins of Covid-19 might never be known, according to a bat with particularly shifty eyes.

With US intelligence working diligently on tracking down the cause of the global pandemic, one bat believes that the origins of Covid-19 will never be known.

“This is such a complex event and situation that I don’t believe that the origin of Covid-19 is likely to ever be uncovered.

“Perhaps it’s for the best if you all stop looking for someone or something to blame and get on with your lives,” said the bat, with noticeably shifty eyes.

There are some that believe that Covid-19 could have been caused by the consumption of bat meat or even a bat bite.

But the bat we interviewed doesn’t believe this to be the case.

“I don’t know anyone within the bat community that’s reported Covid-like symptoms,” it said before sneezing.

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