It’s time to normalise human-on-dolphin sex, by Adolph Finn

In 2014, Margaret Howe Lovatt admitted that she’d had sex with a dolphin during a NASA-funded experiment in the 1960s.

The astonishing revelation happened during a BBC documentary and led to widespread disgust among most people who heard Margaret’s tale.

But why the disgust? Is making love not a beautiful act even when it happens between a human and a dolphin? That two such different creatures could find themselves bonding in such a way is truly one of nature’s greatest miracles.

Some might claim that the idea of the smartest creature on Earth mating with a lesser being is revolting – but are dolphins really that much smarter than humans? It’s impossible to say. While most humans are idiots, a few are rather bright.

I see nothing wrong with a female human giving a handy or more to a male dolphin. However, I would say that male humans need to stay away from our women – I mean female dolphins.

I believe that it’s high time that human-on-dolphin sex is de-stigmatised and, dare I say it, normalised. After all, what is sex if not swimming extremely close together?

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