January 26th – On This Day in History

328 BC: Alexander the Good upgraded to Alexander the Great.

1340 AD: King Edward declared King of the Potato People.

1548: A mint is created to honour the life of King Henry VIII. The “After VIII Mint” goes on to become hugely popular.

1958: The birth of Ellen DeGeneres. The baby immediately begins cussing out the “lesser” members of the hospital staff.

1988: “The Phantom of the Opera” hits Broadway and becomes its longest-running show. Creator Andrew Lloyd Webber goes on to state the idea of a grotesque yet musically gifted individual really spoke to him for some reason.

1996: President Bill Clinton issues the famous statement, “Where the heck did I put that cigar?”

2011: Toyota recalls almost two million cars due to a manufacturing error that caused them to only go “vroom” instead of “vroom vroom”. The debacle costs Toyota well over £5.

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