Jesus saves…you BIG money on a second-hand car!

Jesus saves and he passes the savings down to you at Jesus Christ’s Car Emporium!

We put the Christ in Chrysler and the Holy in Honda at Jesus Christ’s Car Emporium - and we put YOU in the car of your dreams!

We resurrect old models and make them drive like they’re fit for the King of Kings.

Our prices are so low that you’ll think you’ve become an atheist because you won’t be able to believe them!

All prospective customers will be able to dine at our complimentary fish and bread buffet - and all those who buy will receive two free bottles of wine to toast their purchase.

No matter your line of credit, we’ll never crucify you.

St Peter will be waiting by the gate to let you in so you can get the deal of your life!

Open six days a week. Closed on Sundays.

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