Journalist under fire for having a second job as prime minister

A journalist by the name of Boris Johnson is under fire after it turned out he had a second job as prime minister of Great Britain.

The journalism industry is in uproar after it was discovered that one of their most well-known reporters has been working a second job in politics.

“Journalism is a tough job that demands a lot of time, effort and attention. How can you be a proper journalist when you’re splitting your time with a second job?

“Don’t get me wrong; we understand Johnson is only half-assing the prime minister gig but it’s incredibly insulting to all of us real journalists.

“If Johnson doesn’t think journalism is worthy of his time, then maybe he should just quit and go into politics full-time,” one angry journo told us.

A spokesperson for Boris Johnson said that he has no intention of ever becoming a full-time politician.

“It’s more of a six-hours a week kind of thing for him,” said the spokesperson.

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