Myspace rebrands as Meta Original

Myspace has announced that it will henceforth be known as Meta Original, the company’s first rebranding since its launch in 2003.

Tom Myspace, Meta Original’s founder and CEO, announced the change yesterday evening in front of an audience of reporters.

“The name change is something we’ve been discussing internally for quite some,” began Tom. “We feel that the name Meta Original better represents what we are as a company and what we want to become.”

Meta Original will no longer focus solely on being a social media website. The company’s top programmers are now working on a metaverse that will allow users to live a more digital life.

“It’ll be similar to Facebook’s metaverse but you’ll be able to make everyone listen to a song of your choice whenever they visit you AND you’ll be able to display as many annoying moving images as you wish,” said Tom.

The presentation was praised by most in the tech industry. Tom Myspace in particular received praise for actually coming across as a genuine human being.

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