July 9th – On This Day in History

1761 BC: Invention of the roof. The invention proves to be a flop until walls are invented years later.

1346 AD: The Black Death rips its way through Britain after 50% of citizens refuse to stop eating diseased rats. A protest march for the right to eat diseased rats leads to the death of thousands.

1680: The invention of the water pistol leads to the first mass shooting, leaving 6 wet and 12 soaked.

1877: The first Wimbledon tennis tournament is held. Roger Federer wins the final in straight sets.

1932: A bill to legalise beer containing 3.2% alcohol is rejected in the U.S. for being too strong.

1939: Volkswagen begins production on the first Beetle, John Lennon.

1982: Michael Fagan breaks into Queen Elizabeth II’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace. Prince Charles asks serious questions about why he didn’t kill her.

1989: Laurence Olivier, known as one of the greatest actors of all time, breaks his 82-year no dying streak.

1997: Mike Tyson is suspended from boxing for bringing an ear into the gym and not sharing it with the rest of the class.

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