Prince Andrew presents his debut album…’The Kids Are Alright’

Have you ever wondered what Prince Andrew’s favourite songs are and how he sounds singing them?

Well, wonder no more because His Royal Highness has been in the recording studio and he has laid down twelve of his favourite tracks on one amazing album – ‘The Kids Are Alright’.

The ‘bad boy’ of the Royal Family, Prince Andrew will astonish you with his vocal range in a performance so effortless that he doesn’t even break a sweat.

The full track listing is below:

1.The Kids are Alright
2. In the Navy
3. Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon
4. I’m the Leader of the Gang
5. Forever Young
6. Girls on Film
7. My Name is Prince
8. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
9. Isn’t She Lovely?
10. That’s Amore
11. For He’s a Jolly Good Felon
12.Kids w/Ghislaine Maxwell
13. Little Girls

‘The Kids Are Alright’ will be available soon in all good prison shops.

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