Logan Paul heavily criticised over the next boxer he plans to fight

YouTube star Logan Paul has been heavily criticised online after revealing the next boxer he’s selected to fight.

Paul, who’s yet to win a fight in three attempts, last fought Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout. Despite having a significant weight advantage over Mayweather, Mayweather’s superior skill saw him dominate the fight.

Perhaps realising that he’s set his sights too high, Logan Paul now plans to fight a boxer dog in his next bout.

“It’s difficult for me to say this but I think I was overconfident in who I chose to box in my first three fights. That’s why I’ve decided to go to the bottom of the pecking order and fight a boxer dog. His name is Tyson so we can sell it as Paul vs Tyson on the marquee,” said Paul.

The boxing commission has officially sanctioned the fight but has admitted it has reservations.

“This makes an absolute mockery of the sport of boxing. But we were given a big sack of money, so the fight can go ahead,”
one commissioner told us.

Boxing fans and animal fans alike have come forward to criticise Logan Paul for choosing to fight a boxer dog.

“I’ll be rooting for the dog after I pay my $49.99, let me tell you,” said @BoxFull on Twitter.

While the boxer dog has a size and experience disadvantage, it’s still a 4/6 favourite to beat Logan Paul.

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