Man’s chin tests negative for COVID-19

A man’s chin has tested negative for COVID-19, something he credits to always keeping it well covered by a mask.

Harry Feynman, 55, had his chin tested for COVID-19 earlier this week and got the results back today saying that it was negative.

‘I didn’t think my chin would have COVID-19, because I wear my mask around it all the time. Still, it was a relief when I was told my chin was virus-free,’ he told us.

Mr Feynman can often be seen walking through public places with his mask around his chin, making it one of the best-protected chins in the country.

‘I have to protect my chin from the coronavirus. You never know who might be carrying it. The rest of me, for example, is riddled with COVID-19. If only someone had a mask you could pop over your mouth and nose,’ he sighed.

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