Nickelback ADDS music to Spotify in protest against Joe Rogan

Nickelback has added new music to Spotify to protest against the misinformation being spread on the platform by Joe Rogan.

While many musicians are pulling their back catalogues off Spotify to protest against their relationship with Joe Rogan, Nickelback has decided to take another route.

“We’re adding a lot of previously unreleased material onto Spotify. There are some alternative versions of songs that we had to rework to make more palatable; and some songs that we deemed not good enough even for our albums,” said lead singer Chad Kroeger.

Nickelback hopes that by flooding Spotify with their material, the streaming service will be forced to re-evaluate their deal with Joe Rogan.

Spotify signed Rogan to an exclusive deal worth over $100 million back in May 2020 but could now look at ways to renege on the deal.

“Being known as the Joe Rogan streaming service is bad enough right now. We don’t also want to be known as the Nickelback streaming service on top of that,” said a spokesperson for the company.

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