Wordle named late addition to the 2022 Winter Olympics

The Olympic Committee has accepted a last-minute bid to make Wordle a part of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Bejing.

Wordle has become a worldwide phenomenon with millions of people playing it everyday – and every single one of them sharing their results on social media.

The popularity of the word game made it easy for the Olympic Committee to accept Wordle as the latest Olympic event.

“We’ll accept any old bollocks as long as it gets ratings,” said one of the committee.

However, the late addition of Wordle to the 2022 Winter Olympics means that nations will be forced to scramble to find participants for the event.

Britain is already considered to be the firm favourite as it plans to send linguist Susie Dent to represent the nation.

“It will be my honour. I just hope they spell ‘honour’ the correct way and not the American way,”
she told us.

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