Public utilities board sends water bill to Mars

Residents of Mars have been left stunned after the Earthen Water Board sent them a bill for the water they’ve been using.

The little green men of Mars were outraged that a customer relations agent for the EWB got in touch with them to tell them they owed back-pay on the water they’d been receiving for several generations.

An incredibly clever joke that everyone has been making.

“NASA finding evidence of water on Mars has been a real boon for us,” exclaimed EWB CEO Leo Tasker. “Many moons ago we claimed the rights to any water found on Mars. Those little green men owe us a lot of big green bills.”

But the Martians are refusing to pay. Martian man Slyback Yghywah has called the bill “ridiculous”.

“Not only do we not have access to Earth money to pay, but this is OUR water. It’s Martian water that belong to Martian beings. If the EWB persists in hounding us for payment then our leaders will engage in very serious discussions about starting another war of the worlds,” said Yghywah.

The chances of this issue being settled out of court? A million-to-one, according to Las Vegas bookmakers.