Labour MP urged to quit over lack of anti-Semitic tweets

A Labour MP has been urged to quit the party after an investigation found a complete lack of anti-Semitic tweets on his Twitter account.

Mike Pemberton, MP for Crotchton-on-the-Walt, has been asked to stand down by Labour chiefs after a worrying lack of anti-Semitism was found on his social accounts.

‘We keep a very close eye on our candidates and this has come as a big disappointment to us. Perhaps the worst thing is that Mike doesn’t see anything wrong with his behaviour, nor will he apologise,’ said one higher-up in the party.

Mr Pemberton could now switch to the Conservatives, although he also has a track record of not posting anything Islamophobic.

‘I’m going to have to join the fucking Green Party at this rate,’ he told us.

Pemberton was quick to point out that he’d never join the Lib Dems as ‘They’re just Tories for cowards.’