BBC apologises after showing heavily edited footage of Boris Johnson in Yorkshire

BBC News has apologised after showing edited footage of Boris Johnson’s trip to Yorkshire that made him appear to be well-liked in the area.

It’s believed someone in the BBC production department spliced Boris Johnson’s face onto Compo from classic Yorkshire comedy show ‘Last of the Summer Wine’.

The effect made it seem that Johnson’s visit to Yorkshire was vastly funnier and more popular than it actually was.

‘This was a complete accident. We have no idea how something like this would happen and will launch a full investigation that you will never hear about again,’ said the head of BBC News.

The mix-up was spotted by several eagle-eyed viewers who claim it was easy to spot the editing.

‘The shambling walk of Compo was a good match for Boris but the only other believable aspect was when he was beaten away with a mop by a woman he was trying to get handsy with,’ one viewer told us.