Report: SIX apples a day keeps EVERYONE away

Scientists have discovered that while one apple a day will keep a doctor away, six apples a day will keep everyone away.

The findings could prove vital for the mental health of introverts or anyone who just wants to be left alone for a couple of days.

The experiment took place last month on a group of 112 people, some who had volunteered and others who were forced to take part.

“Everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away but we wanted more. We wanted to see how many apples a day it took to keep other professions away. For example, two apples a day will keep office workers away.

“We found that six apples a day will keep everyone away. This is down to the fibre and sugars in an apple. They are hard for the digestive system to break down, resulting in a tremendous amount of gas. No one will want to be near you if you eat that many apples,” said Dr Mac Cortland.

The only potential downside that the scientists discovered to eating six apples a day is that horses will become irresistibly drawn to you.

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