“Don’t be such a sheep,” says man taking horse medicine

A man who’s taking horse medicine has implored his friends on social media to stop being sheep, it’s emerged.

Ewan Herd, 45, believes that people need to stop wearing face masks and wake up to the reality that the COVID-19 vaccine simply doesn’t work.

“I think we’ve seen enough evidence to say that the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t work. I got all the evidence I needed from someone on social media who said a friend of a friend literally shat their guts after taking the vaccine.

“Sure, some people have also shat their guts out after taking horse dewormer, but I have an iron stomach.

“I just wish people would do their own research and think like individuals instead of sheep,” said Ewan, who’s part of a conspiracy theory Facebook group with over two million members.

Sadly, we had to cut the interview short as Ewan was suffering from some gastric distress, although he claims this was caused by the Taco Bell he had for breakfast and not the horse dewormer he’s taking.

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