Bill Cosby announced as new co-presenter of “Jeopardy”

“Jeopardy” has announced that Bill Cosby will be one of two new co-presenters of the show after Mike Richards stepped down.

Mike Richards was forced to step down after past allegations of racial and sexual harassment surfaced.

The makers of “Jeopardy” moved quickly to announce that Bill Cosby would take Richards’ place. Cosby is considered a “safe pair of hands” within the industry.

“You know exactly what you’re getting with Bill Cosby. He’s a safe pair of hands, he’s been in the industry for decades, and we’re sure there are no skeletons in his closet,” said one of the producers of the hit game show.

Cosby is elated that he will be making his return to television, saying: “I think I’m a natural for a show like ‘Jeopardy’. A lot of women have said they feel like they’re in jeopardy when they’re around me.”

Bill Cosby will alternate hosting “Jeopardy” with Mayim Bialik, of “Big Bang Theory” fame. The pair will meet in the coming days to discuss their plans for the show.

“We’re going to meet somewhere public. Drinks are off the table,” Bialik told us.

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