Thoughtful school shooter switches to silencer after reaching the library

A mass shooter is being praised for his thoughtfulness after he attached a silencer to his rifle when he reached the school library.

After killing 32 schoolmates and injuring 7, Chad Allison reached the library where he showed off his respectful nature by attaching a suppressor so that his shooting wouldn’t disturb those trying to read.

People are now hoping that all school shooters will be this considerate in the future.

‘We need more mass shooters like Chad who take the time to consider others before they burst in with their guns blazing,’ said one eyewitness, who escaped being shot by hiding up a pile of dead bodies.

Unfortunately, Chad is no longer around to enjoy being put on a pedestal as he turned the gun on himself with his very last bullet in what could have been an effort to waste as few bullets as possible.

Chad’s parents say they had no idea he could be so thoughtful and wish they’d spotted the signs earlier.