Woman begins six-month cycle of feeling like she’s about to get a cold

A woman has begun a six-month cycle of feeling like she’s constantly on the verge of contracting a cold.

Shauna Bevan, 36, will feel like she’s only one day away from having a full-blown cold for the next six months. This is when Britain is next expected to see the sun.

Shauna’s symptoms include feeling tired and clammy, looking pale and having no motivation to do anything – symptoms shared by everyone else living in Britain right now.

‘I’m coming down with something, I just know I am. Don’t be surprised if I have to take a day or two off soon,’ Shauna has told co-workers, already laying the groundwork for pulling a sickie.

Unbeknownst to Shauna, her method of holding a hot drink with two hands will fight off any cold bug going around as no living being wants to be around someone who actually does that.