Anti-vaxxer dies after taking 25 flu shots to prove how dangerous they are

An anti-vaccination activist has died after he took twenty-five flu shots to prove just how dangerous they are.

Billy McCartney, 39, was found dead in his apartment just hours after taking twenty-five flu shots in a row live on YouTube in an attempt to prove how dangerous vaccinations are.

‘I’m starting to feel real bad already and I’ve only taken ten. Just fifteen more to go, I can do this,’ he told dozens of people watching live.

Police turned up to his apartment hours later to find Billy dead. Reports indicate he had also defecated himself an alarming amount.

‘He must have been full of shit before he passed,’ said Officer Hofstadter.

Doctors have now been forced to admit that taking twenty-five vaccinations in a row is deadly, a big win for the anti-vaccination movement.

‘This was always a terrible idea. We’ve never recommended someone take multiple vaccinations at the same time. This is not a win for anti-vaxxers so please don’t report it that way,’ said one disturbed doctor.