Typo causes Boris Johnson to purchase 10,000 ‘Onion Jack’ flags

An unfortunate typo has caused Boris Johnson to accidentally purchase 10,000 ‘Onion Jack’ flags for display around 10 Downing Street.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was attempting to order more Union Flags from CullensBunting.com to keep up with his appetite for the blue, red and white.

However, a slip of the finger caused him to instead order 10,000 Onion Jack flags, the emblem of a restaurant that sells mainly onion-based dishes.

Aides report that Boris Johnson was almost reduced to tears when he began opening the boxes of flags.

‘Onion flags seem to have that effect on him. I suggested chewing gum while peeling the boxes open but he wouldn’t listen,’ said one aide.

Johnson quickly bounced back though when he was reminded that he hadn’t spent his own money on the flags, just the taxpayers’.

‘Oh, thank God. That’s okay then. No-one minds a bit of taxpayer money getting spaffed up the wall,’ he laughed.

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