Wife wins ‘Woman of the Year’ award after putting on a jumper instead of the heating

A wife has been named ‘Woman of the Year’ having being submitted for the award by her husband after she put on a jumper rather than turning on the heating.

Michael Neff, 37, was so proud of his wife for putting on a jumper instead of switching on the heating that he immediately put her forward for the award.

‘It’s taken years of nagging but to see her put on a jumper before the heating brought a tear to my eye.

This must be how everyone at NASA felt when they put a man on the moon. It was one small step for a husband, one giant leap for husbandkind,’ he told us.

Jennifer Neff received the award earlier today. During her acceptance speech, she failed to thank her husband and instead called him a ‘tight-arsed Scrooge’.

‘Still, I’m a tight-arsed Scrooge who saved a couple of quid,’ Michael celebrated.