Woman spends £400 to grow £10 of vegetables

A local woman has spent roughly £400 to grow approximately £10 worth of vegetables, it’s emerged.

Clara Flores decided to put her small back garden to use by growing her own vegetables. She reasoned that this would save her money and allow her to eat only the freshest of organic vegetables.

In actuality, she’s taken a massive financial loss on growing her own vegetables and has had to spray them with an unbelievable amount of chemicals to fend off bugs and local wildlife.

“I thought I’d just have to buy seeds, pots and dirt. But then I noticed wildlife was breaking in and nibbling on the plants so I had to buy netting, a fence and repellent spray. Then bugs started getting at the veg, so that was a different kind of expensive spray needed. Plus I needed gardening equipment that I didn’t already own.

“All told, I think I’ve spent £400 to grow a handful of carrots and peppers. That doesn’t even take into consideration how much time I’ve spent on cultivating them,” Clara told us.

Will she do it all again next year? “Fuck that. I’ll just go to Lidl,” she confirmed.

While Clara may consider her harvest a significant loss, she has grown enough to cover Scotland’s demand for vegetables for an entire year.

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