Daley Thompson appointed UK trade ambassador to ten different countries

Daley Thompson, the former gold medal-winning decathlete, has been appointed as the UK trade ambassador to ten different countries.

The versatile athlete will be put in charge of ten different countries, in keeping with his ability to compete in multiple sports.

“I’m not sure which countries I’ll be given yet. I was always good with a pole though, so Poland seems like a strong choice,” Thompson told us.

The news comes on the back of the appointment of Ian Botham as trade ambassador to Australia.

“There’s a rich vein of untapped political talent in the world of 80s sports stars. We’re also looking at positions for Steve Davis, Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards, Nigel Mansell, and Duncan Goodhew,” said one government source.

Peter Beardsley is also being considered as a possible trade ambassador to Notre Dame where he has built a strong relationship after decades of ringing the cathedral bells. However, his history of racist language has meant that Boris Johnson has had to take him out for a drink and a good laugh before any announcement is made.

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