Boris and Carrie Johnson announce name of new baby girl, Theresa

Boris and Carrie Johnson have named their new baby daughter Theresa Potato Waffle Johnson, they have revealed.

The prime minister explained the couple’s choice of name to reporters while he was attending a secret party in Soho.

“Potato waffles are my favourite food. I can’t get enough of them. I wanted her to just be called Potato Waffle but Carrie told me she at least needed a normal first name.

“I went with Theresa. No idea where I came up with that. It was just the first name that popped into my head. It’s difficult coming up with names for babies when you’ve had as many as I’ve had,” he told the press.

Meanwhile, Carrie revealed on Instagram that Theresa Potato Waffle Johnson was born on December 9th and that both she and the baby are healthy and well.

“The baby is babbling and cooing a lot. Theresa’s doing okay as well,” said Carrie.

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