Chris Rea releases “Driving Home for Christmas” follow-up “Dying for a Piss in a Traffic Jam”

Middlesborough rock legend Chris Rea will release a follow-up to his immensely popular 1988 song “Driving Home for Christmas” called “Dying for a Piss in a Traffic Jam”.

The new song will take place on the same journey as “Driving Home for Christmas” and will focus predominantly on the feeling of desperation of needing to pee when you’re stuck in a massive traffic jam.

“The idea came to me the other night while I was popping an egg in my bath,” Rea told us. “It’s a situation we’ve all been in at one time or another.

“You need to take a piss so badly but you don’t have a bottle in the car and you don’t want to leave your car in case the traffic starts moving again. It’s a tale as old as time.”

Some keen-eyed Chris Rea fans have pointed out that “Dying for a Piss in a Traffic Jam” could also be considered a prequel for another of his hits “The Road to Hell”.

“This is such an exciting time to be a fan of the Chris Rea Roadaudio Universe,”
said one fan.

Chris Rea was kind enough to give us a sample of some of the lyrics for his latest song.

I’m dying for a piss now
But I’m in a traffic jam
Don’t know where the next toilet is
I don’t have a bottle or a can
The pressure is rising
It’s all I can think about
And I’ve been analysing
Why I didn’t Zoom for Christmas
Stuck in fucking traffic
Dying for a piss

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