Michael Sheen to become the second “not-for-profit” actor after Laurence Fox

Michael Sheen has announced that he will become the second “not-for-profit” actor, the first being Laurence Fox.

Michael Sheen has pledged to use all of the money he makes from acting to fund charitable projects like the 2019 Homeless World Cup, which was held in Wales.

Laurence Fox is considered the first “not-for-profit” actor because he’s barely made a penny in his “career” and his most famous roles are as Billie Piper’s husband and as a racist twatbag.

“It’s incredibly difficult to work so hard and then look at an empty bank account at the end of the day. I presume it is anyway, I only know about the empty bank account part,”
Fox told us.

Fox, who is as financially bankrupt as he is morally, is hoping to launch a charity of his own in the near future.

“Maybe I can get some of that Michael Sheen cash to help relaunch my acting career. There can’t be too many bigger charity cases in Britain,” said Fox.

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